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TASTE Email Options

TASTE would like to provide contributors with the option to receive public feedback on their posted accounts. Privacy is a main consideration, however.

Here are instructions and information from our Webmaster, Lu G. Janku

  1. Go obtain one of the many free web email boxes such as from,,, etc. (You can obtain your email from a web server via internet at any time.) If you are so new to the internet that you don't yet know how to do this, contact the Webmaster for help.

    1. Use a pseudonym when registering for your free email address.

    2. Do NOT choose to be in the 'directory' many web email servers offer.

  2. Provide this email address to TASTE when submitting your account or commentary.

The TASTE domain ( has allotted email aliases with auto-forward capabilities to all contributors. When your first account/commentary is posted, you will be given an "author number" by the TASTE Editor. TASTE will have an email address allotted to that author number. The Webmaster will set that address to automatically forward any email received to the email address you provided (see above).

Because the TASTE email address has no personal information for you, and because your free web email address (see above) should not have your personal name either, there is little or no risk of the public obtaining your identity. Even if the final (free-web) server bounced a message all the way back to the sender, they would only know, at best, your free web-email address; they would not have your name, dial-up address, etc.

The best part is, using the free web-email option, you can even reply to emails if you wish, still without providing any information about your identity except that you choose.

It is probably easier than it sounds when written out. We want to encourage communication and feedback. If you have questions, feel welcome to send me (the Webmaster) a message.

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