Web Site Design
Domain Hosting
"Everything Web"

Lumir "Lu" G. Janku
and associates.

What we're looking for in a web customer.

Our way of doing business brings us longer-term clients, and gets us great word of mouth reference.  We like long term jobs.  We like webmastering in addition to design.  We like learning about the things people have us put on the Web for them.

We like customers we feel we're working 'with', not just 'for.' Many of our clients become actual friends.  We're looking for someone who values our goals and ethics as much as we value theirs.  We want customers with quality products, services, or ideas.  Our customers represent us, just as we represent them.

If you're a decent human being who has something to tell the world, tell us what you have in mind.  We negotiate.  We even work for trade now and then.  Be creative.  Make life a little more fun sometimes. Got something to share? Get a web site!

Free quotes and proposals. Email us at: staff@w3matrix.net

Or visit us at: http://w3matrix.net

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